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Quick and Easy Health Lab Testing

Find Lab Testing is a new kid on the block, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot to offer. It has a huge lineup of health tests that cover everything from hormone levels and fertility, to sleep, stress, and weight management.

We put it to the test to see how good Find Lab Testing is and whether it’s worth your money. Are the reports detailed and do they tell you what you need to know? Are your results accurate? And do you get any extra support?

Everything you need to know about Find Lab Testing is in this review. And without giving too much away, it’s probably a bit expensive for what you get. For better value for money, go for LetsGetChecked instead – it offers the same tests but much more information.

Off to the Lab You Go

Nearly all of Find Lab Testing’s kits need to be taken in a Quest Diagnostics lab. There are over 3,000 in the US, so you don’t need to travel far.

I found out that it doesn’t offer testing in New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island, though. If you want testing in these states, try LetsGetChecked.

To find your nearest one, use the search function on the website by entering your zip code. It’s a bit of trial and error, though, as it took me four attempts to get results without seeing an error message.

Once you’ve found your nearest lab, you can schedule your appointment. One good thing is that you don’t have to have an appointment to go get tested. You can just turn up at a lab as a walk-in, so it’s no trouble if you forget. If you do make an appointment, you can also cancel and reschedule on the Find Lab Testing website.

You need to print your doctor’s note to take to the lab to give your sample. These are valid for six months, so you’ve plenty of time to decide when to go. Pay attention to the info on Find Lab Testing’s website before going. A lot of tests advise you to avoid eating or doing any exercise beforehand.

In the lab, it usually takes no more than 15 minutes to give your sample, which typically requires a blood test. These are carried out by qualified nurses, which gives you some peace of mind.

If you choose an at-home test, these arrive at your door in 5-7 business days. The kit comes with all the tools needed to gather your sample, which will vary depending on the test you choose. It might require a cheek swab, finger-prick blood sample, urine sample, or something else.

The instructions are easy to follow and it only takes a few minutes. Once you’re done, you can use the prepaid envelope to return your sample to the lab.

Find Your Find Lab Testing Kit!

5 Standout Features of Find Lab Testing

Huge Bank of Health Tests

Find Lab Testing has loads of health tests to choose from. It seems to cover all aspects of your health, so there’s bound to be something for everyone.

You can choose tests that analyze vitamin intake, heart health, allergies, diabetes and fatigue. Many of the tests can be purchased as comprehensive bundles or as individual kits, so you can really tailor your choice and find the right one for you. There are even many tests for STDs, weight loss, and nutrition.

Tests Designed for Men & Women

Another standout feature of Find Lab Testing is the fact it has a lot of tests designed specifically for men and women. You can buy bundle kits that analyze overall wellness, hormone levels, and fertility.

For women’s health, there are also kits designed for prenatal and pregnancy that assess hCG levels, ovarian function, and more.

If you’re wanting to find overall health tests based on your age, you can get that with Find Lab Testing, too. It offers tests in three age categories – 19-29, 30-49, and 50+.

Within each, you can find tests designed specifically for your age, whether that’s diabetes, menopause, or the most common STDs in the relevant age group. It’s a good idea if you’re not sure where to start, as the list of tests from Find Lab Testing can be overwhelming even for experienced health test takers.

Order Today, Get Tested Today

Find Lab Testing is quick and efficient. To take your test, you simply need to buy and pay online then visit a lab to provide your sample. And you can do both on the same day.

When you purchase your kit, it comes with a doctor’s order that you need to print off and hand in at the testing center. Don’t forget this, otherwise you won’t be able to provide your sample.

You also need to book an appointment online and find your nearest lab. There are over 3,000 in the US, so you should have plenty of choice. To do this, just use the search function on Find Lab Testing’s website. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you have the option to do that, too.

After visiting the lab and providing your sample, some test results are ready in as little as 24 hours. Most take 2-3 days, but even that is super quick.

Some tests are available to take at home, so these obviously take a bit longer. Usually, it takes 5-7 business days for your kit to arrive, and then you have to return it. Once the lab has your sample, though, the results are still ready in a couple of days.

Get Same-day Screening with Find Lab Testing!

CLIA-certified Labs

Both your results and the labs where you get tested are the same as what your doctor would use. Except, you can skip the queue and do it yourself, but still get the same level of accuracy.

Find Lab Testing uses Quest Diagnostics labs which are all CLIA-certified with qualified nurses and practitioners available to take your sample when you arrive. Your sample is also reviewed by qualified physicians, which is great for reliability.

Quest Diagnostics labs are also HIPAA-compliant, which means they can assure you complete privacy and confidentiality of your results. You can access your results from your online platform, which is completely secure and only accessible to you.

At-Home Testing Available

As well as in-lab testing, Find Lab Testing offers some at-home kits. These are a great idea if you’re really more comfortable taking your sample in your own home and don’t want to go to the lab.

There are 28 at-home kits to choose from, which cover various aspects of wellness. You can choose from tests for weight loss, thyroid, ovarian reserve, vitamin levels, stress and sleep, and even anti-aging. There are no at-home kits for STDs or organ health, though.

Most at-home kits require a quick finger-prick blood spot sample. You get clear instructions in your kit so it’s easy to do.

As you’d expect, it takes a bit longer to get your results. It takes 5-7 days for initial shipping, and a couple of days to get your sample back to the lab for testing. From there, it only takes a few days to get your results – no more than three.

The home tests are also a bit more expensive than in-lab testing, so bear that in mind before purchasing.

Your Levels and Nothing More

If you’re expecting an in-depth report that tells you all you need to know about your health,you’d better try a company like Everlywell, because you certainly don’t get that with Find Lab Testing.

The report is accessible from your online dashboard in a few days. Some tests take as little as 24 hours, but most take 2-3 days. It’s quick, but I’m not sure quick is best in this case.

Your report comes as a downloadable PDF that shows you what was tested and your levels or result. Sometimes this might show a number, for example if you’re testing your lipids levels, or it might show as a positive or negative if you’re testing for a specific condition.

And that’s all you get. Your report is very basic, and it doesn’t go into any detail about what was tested, why, and what it means for your health. You also don’t get any advice on what to do with your results or what next steps you should take.

If you’ve tested for something that assesses levels, you need to do your own research afterwards to interpret these and determine whether they’re a cause for concern.

The report is fine if you’re just looking for a quick result, for example if you want to find out if your cholesterol is high or not, but for a comprehensive health test, look elsewhere.

You do get free follow-up support via a telephone conversation with a physician, but only if you take an STD test. And only if you test positive. They can email you a prescription to get at your own expense, but this service isn’t available for any of the other health tests.

An Expensive Option

When it comes to pricing, Find Lab Testing is very expensive. If your results came with a detailed report and extra support, the price may be more justified.

The basic thyroid test, for example, costs just shy of $170. If you went with LetsGetChecked, though, you’d only pay $113 for all the same insights. Plus a high-value report and on-hand physician advice. And Everlywell charges less than $100 for their kit, but still gives you way more insights.

Some of Find Lab Testing’s kits cost upwards of $500, which are very overpriced. While these kits do, in most cases, screen over 90 different biomarkers, it’s not worth it for the low-value report.

One good thing is that you can buy individual kits rather than bundles to save money and only buy what you really need. Some of the individual kits are as cheap as $50, but if you start adding a few to your basket, you’d be better going with a bundle option that screens for more biomarkers and costs the same.

The home kits are typically more expensive than the lab tests, presumably to cover the cost of shipping and sending you the equipment. Some are priced exactly the same, though.

Live Chat But No Follow-up Support

Find Lab Testing has something that not a lot of testing companies offer – a live chat service.

Although there’s no follow-up support after receiving your results (unless you choose an STD kit), Find Lab Testing gets some points for having an on-hand help feature.

It’s only available between 9am-5pm Eastern time Monday to Friday, and 9am-12pm on Saturday. If you’re outside of the US like me, you might find someone isn’t available most of the time. But since Find Lab Testing only offers tests in the US, it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

I tested the live chat feature out a few times and always received a quick and helpful response. When it’s not available, you can also write out your query, leave your number, and request a call back. You can even specify the time, and it’s free of charge.

Basic and Reliable

Find Labs Testing offers quick health testing in both labs and at-home, with results in just a few days. And it has loads of tests to choose from covering all aspects of health and wellness. But that’s all it really has to offer.

Your report is nothing fancy, comes with no explanations, and no advice on what to do next. Though if you just want some quick answers on certain aspects of your health, you could give it a go.

The tests are quite expensive for what you get, but if you really need a same-day, urgent test, you might be willing to pay the fee. For more in-depth health results (and cheaper, too), I’d recommend any of LetsGetChecked’s health tests.

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Does Find Lab Testing accept insurance?

No, you can’t use your insurance to pay for Find Lab Testing kits. It does accept HSA/FSA cards, though, but not for every test. You have to apply at checkout to see which tests work and which don’t.

How accurate is Find Lab Testing?

Find Lab Testing uses Quest Diagnostics labs which are highly accurate. They are CLIA-certified and often, are the same laboratory as the ones your own doctor would use if you went for a health test that way instead.

All labs have physician oversight and your samples are reviewed by qualified healthcare professionals to ensure the most accurate result. No test can guarantee 100% accuracy, though.

How do I interpret my Find Lab Testing results?

Your Find Lab Testing report can be difficult to interpret, but the results themselves are fairly simple. Your results vary depending on which test you choose.

If you chose a cholesterol test, for example, your report will show you the level of cholesterol in your blood as a number. If you’re not sure what the values mean, you will need to do some research to find out what’s high, average, or low. For STD tests, it may show as a positive or negative result instead.

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